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RapidMiner Studio

  • 可视化工作流程设计人员利用预定义连接,内置模板和可重复工作流程,加速了预测模型的原型设计和验证。

  • 丰富的超过1500种机器学习算法和函数库,为任何用例构建最强可能的预测模型

  • 易于与现有应用程序,数据和Python和R等编程语言集成的开放式和可扩展性

  • 现在使用Auto Model:RapidMiner Auto Model使用自动化机器学习来加速构建模型生命周期的每一步


Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns



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  • More data connectors than any other visual design platform.

  • Includes over 60 file types and formats for structured and unstructured data.

Access, load and extract information from unstructured data

  • 80+ functions for text, web and multimedia mining & processing.

  • Supports plain texts, HTML, PDF, RTF, and many more.

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Data exploration

Robust statistical overviews to quickly explore and understand your data

  • Graphically displays attribute name & type.

  • Quickly identifies missing values.

A powerful chart engine offers more than 30 different visualization options

  • Bubble charts & 3-D scatter plots.

  • Network & tree visualizations, and many more.

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Data preparation

Offers a host of data quality, integration, and transformation tools

  • Multiple options to aggregate, filter and sort or join data.

  • Feature engineering operators for feature selection, creation & extraction.

Determine best influence factors or generate new factors

  • Advanced attribute weighting capabilities.

  • Options for new attribute generation.

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Data cleansing

Provides a variety of advanced approaches for data cleansing

  • Identification and removal of duplicate

  • Anomaly & outlier detection & removal

  • Normalization & standardization

  • Weighting schemes measuring the influence of attributes

Offers sophisticated dimensionality reduction technique

  • Self Organizing Maps (SOM)

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Breadth of machine learning functions

  • Classification, regression and clustering techniques.

  • Association mining, frequent item set & similarity computation.

  • Ensemble & hierarchical models.

More than 100 additional modeling operators

  • Seamlessly integrate R, Python and custom scripts.

  • Process Control functions.

  • Optimization loops & branches.

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Only visual workflow designer with correct model validation techniques

  • Preprocessing models.

  • Cross validation & split validation.

  • Visual evaluation techniques.

Trustworthy performance calculations

  • Accuracy, Precision, Recall, RMSE, AUC and many more.

  • Calculating significance tests.

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Open and extensible

Integrate all of your existing applications, data, and programming languages

  • Native R and Python support

  • Download hundreds of extensions from the RapidMiner Marketplace

  • Source code is available under an aGPL license

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