The only modern BI Platform that supports both the analyst and business user workflows. By supporting both workflows, Yellowfin delivers increased user adoption and faster analysis providing you with a far greater return on your BI investment.

Yellowfin is recognized as a leader in business intelligence and analytics software for its outstanding performance in business intelligence, dashboards, reporting and data analysis. It was rated by Docurated as the world's premier BI tool, leading content and knowledge management tool.

Yellowfin's browser-based delivery and platform ease-of-use and insight-sharing capabilities enable users to access data-based insights anytime, anywhere. It is not just an easy to use and access platform, while being able to connect to all the data sources, powerful governance and scalability, so that the user's BI deployment in the entire business deployment can really be achieved. Yellowfin's open-based server architecture developed in Java addresses the needs of business users and the growing demand for popular business intelligence. As a modern BI platform that supports both the analyst and the business user workflow, Yellowfin can connect all the data to the user by supporting these two workflows, bringing the business and data on an intuitive platform, providing more Users use and faster analysis, for the user's BI investment to bring greater returns. With Yellowfin, you can easily view the information of interest and make faster, smarter decisions.



  • Easily monitor your business

  • Promote organizational strategy

  • Explore insight

  • Provide excellent operational performance

Data Visualization

  • Quickly find valuable insights

  • Create a visualization chart

  • Show your business on the map

  • Customized analysis of the content

  • Discover the trend in the data

Data Vividness

  •  Make your data more convincing

Data Preparation

  • Connect various data sources

  • Web API

  • Excel

  • Big data

Data Management

  • Easy to use

  • BI platform for everyone

  • Data security

  • Ensure data reliability

  • Management console




  • Do not have to create a data warehouse under the premise of creating a separate report or information panel.

  • Connect to a variety of data, a number of different databases to start the query. 

  • Support both online and offline use.

  • Mobile applications give users a good user experience.

  • Easy-to-use web-based interface development.

  • Anytime, anywhere accessible via mobile.

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