RapidMiner 7.6  is out !

Multiple new features & Bug Fixes & Enhancements

              RapidMiner Studio 7.6 click to download

Security for the "Send Mail " operator

The Mail operator can now send mails when the SMTP server uses TLS/SSL. We have added support for all modern connection security and authentication mechanisms like TLS 1.2 and PFS. 

The sender of notification emails can now be configured in the preferences.

This provides more opportunities for operationalization and export of results!

RapidMiner Server 7.6 click to download

Recursive folder permission

It is now possible to set access rights in RapidMiner Server not only for the current folder, but also for all of its nested subfolders.

Go to Permissions in the web UI and select Set recursively for subdirectories to access this feature. 

(Note that the checkbox only appears after changes to the permissions have been made!)

RapidMiner Radoop 7.6 click to download

Please note that *Rapidminer Radoop 7.6 is not backwards compatibleand requiresRapidMiner Studio 7.6.0(and RapidMiner Server 7.6).

Update is available through the RapidMiner Marketplace.

Support Microsoft Azure HDInsight

RapidMiner Radoop climbs up to the cloud! In 20 minutes, you can deploy a Hadoop cluster and use RapidMiner to analyse your big-data.

All storage options are supported (DataLake and Blob).

The combination of Microsoft's Azure for the infrastructure provisioning, HDI Hadoop for data and computation management and RapidMiner for the advance analysis is the easiest-to-deploy,easiest-to-use and most powerful solution in the market.


Faster data preparation with Hive-on-Tez container re-use

Tez, together with Spark, one of the most popular execution engines within Hadoop. For those using Tez, RapidMiner Radoop 7.6 comes with an important improvement in performance. Tez containers can now be re-used, greatly reducing the latency of the data preparation processes.