Pharmaceutical Giant using Social Media Mining 

and Applying Sentiment Analysis Uncovers Surprises


Customers feedbacks mining on the social media

This giant pharmaceutical firm was looking for customer feedback. It wanted to know what people liked about its products. Did they prefer the company‘s product over other products? Did these preferences develop and change over time? In addition, the company was legally required to report any adverse product reactions, so a connection to customers was doubly important. Unfortunately, because the majority of the products are prescription drugs and not sold over the counter, the firm’s primary connection is through the doctors and pharmacists and only indirect communication channels exist. This can make it difficult to get customer feedback, positive or negative.

Sales Forecasting for Logistics & Storage optimization

As they sell thousands of different drugs. In order to optimize their logistical operations and storage needs, the company needed to know future sales. If the company just looked at sales from the previous month as a predictor for the next month, the error could be 20 percent off in either direction. They know that better predictions = better process and huge logistical savings.

“But, in today‘s world, if patients experience problems with medications or medical devices, or if they have a great experience, they tell Facebook and Twitter.”

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