Optimization of Customer Support for Mobilkom Austria


Align Marketing Activities to Your Customers’ Expectations

Austria’s leading mobile phone service provider, Mobilkom austria receives more than 800,000 e-mails every month; even after spam filtering more than 80,000 customer requests remains. Of course, customers expect a timely reply, especially when communicating through this medium. The challenge is enormous: a huge number of customer requests concerning diverse topics such as current offers and campaigns, technical issues, SIM card blocking, contract renewals, and other service-related issues arrive every day at mobilkom austria’s central customer support e-mail address and have to be forwarded to the person in charge of each type of request as quickly as possible. The data mining software RapidMiner therefore analyses the textual content of the incoming customer requests and automatically determines the topic of each request. This way, the e-mail requests are automatically and quickly forwarded to the support person in charge for this topic and a competent answer is guaranteed within the shortest time possible.

RapidMiner enables us to react more quickly to the request of our customers.

——Thomas Walzer

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