IT Optimization

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Every morning, more than 100,000 employees of this firm, around the world, all waited 11 minutes while their computers booted. While 11 minutes might not seem like a long time, if multiplied by 100,000, it was the equivalent of just over 2 years of wasted man hours. But the waste didn’t stop there. Because they were tired of waiting each morning, many employees stopped shutting off their computers at night, wasting untold energy.

The IT department swung into action, using RapidMiner to collect and analyze the anonymized login data for all the employees. The data showed where employees were logging into servers, and which network routes and domain controllers they were accessing remotely.

Very quickly it was discovered that much of the delay was caused by three primary reasons, one of which was a single broken domain controller, which was quickly replaced. Within just one day of analysis, login times were reduced by two minutes. Again, not much for each individual, but collectively saving the company 200,000 minutes every day. This saved time was the equivalent of adding more than 400 employees to the total workforce.

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