Introduction to Predictive Analytics for Marketing and Sales

Predict the Opportunities for Your Company

Know in advance which customers will remain a revenue stream for you and help grow your business. Quantify the customers that are going to generate more sales and control marketing expenses depending on the financial lifetime value of your customer or prospect.
Predict the future value of a customer – even before she becomes one. Focus on valuable customers and optimize your revenue stream. Adjust individual marketing spend based on the financial value each customer brings to your business. Align your customer experience management system with various segments, depending on customer lifetime value.

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“There are almost too many options to count when it comes to predictive analytics use cases in the marketing and sales arena. Everything from customer segmentation and scoring to recommendation engines, cross selling and “up” selling. Marketing departments in particular have been among the most ardent proponents of advanced analytics applications. Now, with the introduction of more and more data – social media, website – to the pool of available information, predictions are becoming more accurate and useful on a daily basis. RapidMiner can support the vast breadth and depth of marketing and sales options.”
——Dr. Ingo Mierswa

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