How GfK Uses RapidMiner to 

Analyse Textual Content from the Internet and Social Media

The GfK group is one of the leading market research enterprises worldwide, operates in more than 100 countries and with more than 11,000 employees. GfK provides services for all major consumer goods, pharmaceutical, media and service markets. These services are divided into two sectors: Consumer Choices and Consumer Experiences. Consumer Choices supplies data reflecting consumer decisions and activities. Consumer Experiences is concerned with consumer behavior and attitudes and how people perceive and experience the world.

The digital research department knew exactly what it was looking for — an analysis solution for evaluating Web content. The solution needed to offer machinebased learning, e.g. in the form of automatic text categorization. A generic solution with high adaptability and reusability was sought, one which could perform an indicative evaluation of the information found in user generated content (UGC). Moreover, the requested data had to be accurately extracted from unstructured information found on websites and given the necessary meta data (e.g. publication date). Data analysis from social media sources plays an ever increasing role.

“We looked at a number of other products on the market, but none were as able as RapidMiner to meet the requirements for flexible and sometimes short-notice use with reliable support.”

——Thomas Eggebrecht

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