RapidMiner Basics Training 2

RapidMiner Basics Training 2 is a two-day course focusing on data mining and predictive analytics with RapidMiner Studio. Over the course of two days, students will expand their knowledge gained in RapidMiner Basics Part 1 and build a more sophisticated analytical model while reinforcing their familiarity with the graphical interface and all of the major product features and functionality.

The course is structured in a mentoring fashion where the entire group performs tasks alongside the instructor as members of a data science team. After successfully completing this course, participants will have a solid understanding of how RapidMiner Studio functions. Participants will be able to prepare data, create and validate predictive models, deploy models, and will be ready to extend their knowledge to advanced topics such as RapidMiner Server: Web Apps and Deployment, Big Data Analtyics with RapidMiner Radoop, and Text & Web Mining with RapidMiner.

Practical exercises during the course prepare students to take the knowledge gained and apply to their own respective data mining problems, solving them quickly and easily. Since the class labs are hands-on and performed on the participants’ personal laptops, students will take actual classwork home with them, which will provide a jumpstart to the real world.

RapidMiner Basics Training 2

RapidMiner Basics Training 

 3500 .00

(per course/ per student)
  • Course Duration: Two Days
  • Teaching Methods:Face to Face Teaching
  • Course Size: Small Class
  • Lecturer:Hugh Zang
  • Venue: Shanghai
  • Main Course Content:
                            EDA: Exploratory Data Analysis
                            Data Preparation
                            Predictive Modeling Algorithms
                            Model Construction
                            Model Evaluation
  • Lecturer Qualification: Our lecturer has more than 10 years of data analysis experience, ERP, management experience, good at data mining, data analysis. Proficient in RapidMiner, SAS, SQL Server, SAP Business and other mainstream data mining and related data science software. Responsible for RapidMiner China's data analysis project implementation and management, with a wealth of practical experience, master the industry's right to speak. Our lecturers are rich in RapidMiner course training experience, able to combine a wealth of cases to guide students to conduct practical exercises, can effectively help students skilled use of RapidMiner, to enhance their data analysis capabilities and level.

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