Amnesty International Belgium uses RapidMiner to

build long-lasting relationship with donors

Amnesty International Belgium

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than seven million people who campaign for a world where all enjoy human rights. As a non-profit, the organization relies on individual donors, who often become aware of campaigns through petitions, street fundraising, telephone outreach, and mailers. Once donors are engaged, it is key to build long lasting relationships with them. As many non-profits do, Amnesty International Belgium – Flemish section uses a CRM system to extend the relationship lifecycle. But the organization wanted to improve performance using new data analytics methods.

About four years ago, Ilja De Coster, an in-house fundraising consultant, began looking for analytics software to work next to classical CRM systems. I’m not a data scientist-I’m a fundraiser using direct marketing techniques and databases. De Coster began researching analytics tools online, and soon found RapidMiner, which requires no programming.

Once he understood the possibilities of data analytics with RapidMiner in combination with CRM systems and marketing automation tools, there was no limit for his data-driven fundraising.

“RapidMiner freed us from IT. I can use its drag and drop interface to design the analytics processes I want. As a data-driven marketer, it is my main, day-to-day tool. And, what used to take weeks of interacting with programmers not understanding my needs as marketer, now take half a day with RapidMiner.”

-Ilja De Coster

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