RapidMiner Server



RapidMiner Server is a performance-optimized application server where you can schedule and run your analytic processes and quickly return your results. It seamlessly integrates with not only RapidMiner Studio, but other enterprise data sources as well, allowing processes to continually update so that they reflect any changes to external data sources. With shared repositories and version management, contributors throughout your organization can — locally or remotely — collaborate, build interactive apps, and visualize results using HTML5 charts and maps. You build and edit analytic processes in RapidMiner Studio. RapidMiner Studio and RapidMiner Server connect and interact with each other, employing standard protocols. For each instance of RapidMiner Server, you can connect one or multiple RapidMiner Studio clients.


  • One-Click Deployment
  • Server-Based Repository
  • Scheduled Execution of Analytic Results & Processes
  • LDAP User Authentication Systems


  • Easy Integration into Business
  • Web-Service APIs
  • Model Management & Maintenance
  • Increased Computational Power

  • Load Balancing
  • Web App Designer
  • Scheduling & Triggered Execution
  • Version Control

Four Versions of RapidMiner Server: Basic, Small, Medium, Large 

RapidMiner Server basic version is free to download!



Shared server-based repository

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Version-control & security features

Centralized teamwork environment

  • Reusable building blocks, templates & processes

  • Storing of models in central repositories for reuse in other processes and projects

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Scalable processing architecture

  • Server-Based Execution

  • Real-time Progress Monitoring

Flexible compute environment

  • In-Memory analytical algorithms and computations

  • Cluster support and distributed process execution engine


Productively deploy processes

  • Scheduling of workflow executions

  • Set up actions based on a triggered event

  • Remote execution of analysis processes

Automate deployment processes

  • Model retraining and scoring

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Dynamically and continuously update models

  • Individual and customizable processes to check for accuracy drifts or shifts

  • Triggering of model updates when needed

  • Alerting if model accuracy cannot automatically be restored

Monitor the system and manage user rights

  • Logging, auditing and version control

  • Significant flexibility to control access – groups, users, model, data


Embed analytic results

  • Support for all major BI and data visualization vendors

  • Generic web-service connector

API & Web service deployment

  • Web services / processes can deliver XML, JSON, static / dynamic visualizations and binary files among others

  • API level integration with servers, databases

  • Out-of-the box connectors for applications such as Salesforce

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RapidMiner Server

  • Collaborate & Share

  • Quickly Embed Results

  • Easily Maintain Models


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